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Shenanigans Episode 25: Attack of the Vibrating Pigeon Drones

April 19th, 2018

This week, I wasn't sure how the show went. After I listened to it again, it was prett darn funny, even if the end of the world is scheduled to start around the time we record Episode 26. At least that is the revised date from the revised date from the revised date. And which version of the Bible are they using to determine the end of the world? Is it the Bibizzle? We can only hope. Police in Argentina claim that mice ate 1,200 pounds of seized marijuana........sure....In our Public Service Announcement of the Week, we implore you adults to be more careful when playing with your toys. What exactly is the average airspeed velocity of a full bag of cocaine? Squirrels need our love, too, and we learn that pepperoni and seagulls don't mix.


Cast: Craig, Rich, David


Running Time: 84 minutes




Shenanigans Episode 24: Time Traveling With Sexy Gronk

April 13th, 2018

This week, the biys start off with a little seriousness as they talk a little about the Humboldt tragedy. But, they quickly move on to the rapid influx of time travelers in the news lately, and they debate whether time travel is even possible. Rich is a nonbeliever in time travel, while Howie and Craig do believe. A man caught having an affair tries to pass off the woman he's cheating with as a sex robot, and she plays along! And for the Amazon Product of the Day, Gronk erotica. No, you read that right. Someone wrote Gronk erotica. The reviews are hilarious, maybe even funnier than the idea that someone wrote Gronk erotica.


Cast: Craig, Rich, and Howie


Running Time: 93 minutes




Shenanigans Episode 23: Leading the Fist Bump Revolution

April 5th, 2018

This week, Craig and Howie talk about Ready Player One. Don't worry - there are no spoilers. Gronk makes yet another surprise visit, this time dressed as the Trojan Horse. Have you heard about the THC lube? It will get things higher. Meanwhile, Brett demonstrates what an electric NASCAR race would sound like. Just in case you weren't entirely certain, the French are rude and will even sue to prove it. Matt has decided that he can no longer shake anyone's hand. Instead, he will be leading the Fist Bump Revolution. New Zealand is still looking for those elusive Russian spies so they can deport them. Either those spies are really good at their jobs, or the Russians couldn't care less about the Kiwis.


Cast: Craig, Howie, Charlie, Brett, and Matt


Approximate Running Time: 82 minutes




Shenanigans Episode 22: We’ve Got Some Potholes For Sale…Cheap!

March 29th, 2018

This week's episode is all over the place. We go from deer semen being used to fund Texas political campaigns to a Nigerian Email Prince having his penis stolen during a robbery. Our Flat Earther friend, Mike Hughes, finally blasted off, achieving the wild altitude of 1875 feet. He was only 328,000 feet short of his goal, but he considered it a success. What if we could vaporize our poop like they do on the Starship Enterprise? No matter how old you are, farts are funny. Some guy convinced a woman that he had been poisoned and needed to have sex with her in order to save himself from certain death...and she initially agreed. No really. She did. A guy in Chicago is a marketing genius. He's selling ownership shares in potholes around the Windy City. Gronkie Monster is once again an unnannounced guest for this episode.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Charlie

Running Time: Approximately 97 minutes



Shenanigans Episode 21: That Silent But Deadly Brainfart

March 22nd, 2018

Can you believe it?! Shenanigans is old enough to drink! Twenty-one episodes. We talk about where he hid our dad's dirty magazines when we were kids. We've all been waiting for it for 20 years, but we're finally going to enjoy a Nic Cage version of Superman. It's going to be epic. There's also a tutorial on hw to poop when you're on vacation, and Homer Simpson got pulled over for DUI in England. Gronkie Monster makes a comeback with a new PSA about not crunching ice cubes, or eating frozen Tide Pods. There's a guy who has a big airbubble in his brain...and it's NOT Gronk. Rich gives us a spectacular website of the week: This website gives us the etymology of words. It is an intriguing look into the history of the words we use everyday.


Cast: Craig, Rich, Howie, Charlie, and Brett


Running Time: 107 Minutes




Shenanigans Episode 20: I’ll Bet You $20 That Rhode Island Won’t Approve Of This

March 15th, 2018

This week, Howie's daughter tells Craig he's full of shit. For real. Who remembers the Thundercats? We can't believe it's over 30 years old. Rhode Island now wants to block websites in your own home unless you pay them $20 for the privilege. If you live anywhere on the Planet Earth, watch out for falling, Chinese space stations. Apparently they're not as space-worthy as advertised on Amazon. If you're not yet prepared for the Apocalypse, Costco can help. And if you're an extreme couponer like Rich, you can save even more money that you won't be able to use after the world ends. Why do we wear pants, and should we ever wear courdoroy?? Some conspriacy theories about our favorite movies comes up. Are Danny and Sandy actually dead, and the Grease movie is the dying vision of a teenager? Yabba-dabba, friend.


Cast: Craig, Rich, Howie, Charlie's Ghost of Christmas Future


Running Time: Approximately 99 minutes.




Shenanigans Episode 19: Is This a Family Reunion or a Speed Dating Site?

March 8th, 2018

The boys are back. We talk about the world's largest family tree. It has 13 million people and tells us when cousins stopped having sex with each other. Mailmen in Florida don't want to deliver packages to a nudist colony, mostly because of the packages. Rich and Howie go off the Shenanigans rail by talking about serious things. Fortunately, we get back to the normal programming. Why is breastfeeding so taboo, but we have no issue with low-cut shirts? Have we had enough of crazy people on airplanes? When is it okay to strip on a flight? Can I bring my emotional support beer(s)? All Howie can say is that Chinese condoms make him feel better about himself. Also, if you're diving in Minnesota lakes, watch out for Jason Voorhees.


Cast: Rich, Howie, Craig


Running Time: Approximately 110 minutes




Shenanigans Episode 18: I Am the Great Cornholio

March 2nd, 2018

This week marks the triumphant return of George to the cast! After discussing the driving situation in the area, we move right into the fun moments. Have you ever heard of the game "Cornhole?" We wondered who came up with that name, and it became the running theme throughout the show. China is trying to stop strippers from performing at funerals, and the man with the largest manhood in the world is looking for a new job opportunity. And we're now trying to find out who the man in charge of exorcisms for the Buffalo diocese is. If anyone knows, let us know.


Cast: Craig, George, Rich, Howie, and Charlie


Running time: Approximately 97 minutes




Niagara Falls PowerHawks vs Southern Tier Xpress 02-23-2018

February 24th, 2018

The Southern Tier Xpress took control of the game early and defeated the Niagara Falls PowerHawks 7-2 in action Friday evening at the Hyde Park Ice Pavilion. This podcast is a bit more Shenanigans and less hockey than normal. We got the old team back together for our final podcast for the hockey team. Yes, it was Howie calling most of the game, with George, Craig, and Scott filling in with some color.


Shenanigans Episode 17: Can Howie Measure Up to David?

February 22nd, 2018

In this week's episode, we give a quick eulogy to the Balavan. Then it's on to, well, Shenanigans. Howie inadertantly gives us the funniest moment of the night at the expense of himself. We're also on the lookout for rogue Amazon packages. If you get one of these packages, let us know. Supposedly, it's happening all over the place.


Cast: Craig, Rich, Howie, Charlie, and David


Running Time: Approximately 100 minutes.